Cummins Excellence Awards


Awards are a reflection of gratitude by the lead towards the team’s efforts and comradery leading to the attainment of the company’s goals. Cummins India celebrated the vigorous hard work performed by numerous employees and celebrated the superlative performance of the team for the annual year 2019. The Cummins Excellence Awards 2019 coincided with the company’s centennial year marking the event more memorable. The awards function was supervised by Cummins India MD and was attended by 1200 employees of the company.


  • A lot of buzz was created prior to the main event through a pre-event campaign consisting of teasers, emailers and quizzes.
  • To instil the sense of teamwork and imbibe an exciting attitude towards the main event, the internal teams were taught choreography for their dance performances and special recording sessions of award citation took place beforehand.
  • The team coordinated with various artists, band members and dancers who provided entertainment acts along with a fascinating laser show to fill the gap.
  • The Cummins Excellence Award was organized on the theme, "Challenge The Impossible" and accordingly, suitable branding of the entire office and the event was handled by Rigger House.
  • The employees attending the event were welcomed with engagement activities such as AR photobooth and served a lavish gala dinner ending the event on a high note.

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