Nutrition is the essence of our well-being and everyday efforts in terms of intake of food lead to the attainment of the best health. To promote healthy living, the world’s leading food processing company conceptualized a non-branded event called Nutriessential which was organized in 20 cities across the country including Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Patna and Delhi. The event was aimed to educate the top stage benefactors of a healthy society- doctors, health practitioners and nutritionists about the benefits of fortified cereal essential during the early development and growth of a child.


The enigmatic and far-sighted event by Nutriessential was carried on by Rigger House in multiple cities.

  • The audience got access to the entire event through RFID bands issued at registration pods.
  • The VR experiences thoroughly engaged the people and a short film on common mistakes mother's make around their little ones' health was showcased.
  • The pre-function area setup was made lively and informative for the people attending the event through an installation around EFIDA's findings.
  • A special wall designed with /'Farak Padhta Hai!/' sign acted as a photo opp for simple and effective message delivery. People were handed over their printed photographs on the spot.
  • For easy interaction between people, a round table setting was arranged with one LED screen in the background showing the content that projected the message well.

The highly interactive and informative session of Nutriessential was one of the most successful events of Rigger House.

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