Cummins 100 Years


The Mantra of working towards small victories led Cummins to celebrate its centennial year in 2019 with a simple message, ‘Challenge the impossible.’ Since its inception in February 1919 at Columbus, Indiana, Cummins has come a long way in delivering groundbreaking technology, advanced in clean diesel and natural gas technology and much more. This event was a mark of gratitude to all the people who supported the company over the years and helped to make it the powerhouse that it is today.
This momentous celebration saw Cummins’s top 100 HNI customers including top leadership and Government representatives being treated to a gala night and sit down dinner with the launch of the BSVI engine by Cummins Group Global CEO and Cummins India MD; being the highlight of the show.


It was a Challenge and Privilege for Rigger House to be a part of this grand celebration.

  • The team ideated to create a venue that showcased the high standards that Cummins had set for itself over the years.
  • The venue was set in the signature brand theme colour of black and gold to showcase a sense of luxury with the decor, stage design, lighting and seating arrangements adding a touch of grandeur.
  • Customised Gifts was sourced for each of the guests with entertainment acts by Fusion Artists depicting the Cultural diversity and Unity that Cummins proudly thrives on.
  • The launch of the BSVI Engine was seamlessly executed through an intersperse of technology and customised fabrication.

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