One of the leading multinational investment bank and financial services holding companies of the world, HSBC’s arm HSBC Technology organized its first annual global summit in India in 2019. Around 500 global creme-de-la-creme talents were chosen to fly down to India to come together to form a narrative over technology in banking and investment, asset management and future prospects.
This one-day event was handed over to Rigger House for its conceptualization which was turned around from the plan to execution in just *four days.*


HSBC Global Summit was one of the most commending projects received by Rigger House for execution. This one-day extensive event demanded high-energy and first-class delivery in terms of attention to details.

  • A unique aerobridge was created especially for the event that ran from the entrance to the pre-function, replicating airport décor with LEDs installed all over showcasing the details of all the attendees as a welcome gesture as soon as they walked in.
  • The smokescreen with HSBC Technologies logo acted as the perfect view cutter between the aerobridge and the pre-function area.
  • In the main event hall, large curved LED screen highlighted the expansive creative and informative content encapsulating the summit.
  • The pre-function area was ornated with end to end LEDs that showcased the culture and work environment at HSBC.
  • Attendees witnessed multiple demo pods with screens to experience the new products that Team India was working on.

The Global Technology Summit by HSBC Technology India was a seed planted in India for it to grow across the globe in the coming years, and Rigger House assisted in ensuring its process goes impeccably.

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