The longest-running movie franchise of Bollywood ‘Golmaal’ directed by Rohit Shetty inspired this show where the kids are a bunch of pranksters who have a knack of creating havoc everywhere resultant of their incessant quarrels. Over 70+ kids were invited to this fun and engaging press launch which included interaction with the director Rohit Shetty for an irreverent electrifying and eccentric experience.


Rigger House went all in to curate the press launch to exude the eccentricity of the film franchise Golmaal.

  • Rigger House curated an anti-gravity setting with inverted clouds and other elements scattered all around the venue with a larger than life hot air balloon to amplify amusement.
  • Inspired by the Museum of Illusions, a specially designed photo booth stood amidst the arena wherein when the picture lent an illusion of an attendee’s head laid out on a platter adorned with fruits and other confectionaries.
  • To ensure dramatic entry, the ballroom was facelifted to resemble a carting arena making a perfect photo op. Director Rohit Shetty entered this stage on a go-cart.

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