TIIAM 2019


TIIAM 2019 was the annual meeting that mixed the perfect combination of business and celebration; a little breather encapsulating insight, information, inspiration and a whole lot of fun! Target India Corporation organised TIIAM 2019 at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre which was attended by around 2500 employees immersing in visual spectacle entailed with keynote presentations, audio-visual experience, celebrity performance and dance recital by the team members of the company.

Target was looking for an interactive marvel for the audiences starting from the pre-function area to the main event area to create a feeling of magnanimity.


For the second time, Rigger House won the pitch to organise the Annual event, TIIAM 2019 wherein the objective of seamless implementation of the ideas was taken into consideration wholeheartedly.

  • Commencing from step one, a recce of the venues involved helped Rigger House to utilize the space to its highest potential while delivering the concept of the client to its employees.
  • The pre-event area had gigantic curved graphic walls on all the sides ending in a tunnel leading to the main stage area.
  • The display zone essentially created showcased installations complementing the Target merchandise. The highlight of this area was the giant Ferris Wheel installed with Target Logo in the middle and seats replaced with Target’s shopping carts right outside the pre-function area.
  • Several food carts were also placed all around that area for the audience to fill their appetite ultimately leading them towards the pre-function area.
  • Enter the main stage which left the audience in wonderment due to its classic setting exuding Target signature colours, bull’s eye logo and gigantic screen that ran the PPT’s designed to fit into the full screen.
  • Target laid special emphasis on the technical expertise of the event in regards to technicians and equipment which were used in the best possible way. For instance, India’s renowned singer Usha Uthup and her band made a grand entry on the stage via automated riser.

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