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In association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India Economic Summit was held to commemorate the three-decade-long success with a special focus on promoting collaboration between South Asia and ASEAN to leverage collective global growth. The meeting was attended by the key leaders from the government, private sector, academia and civil society that gathered to partake in the event themed Innovating for India: Strengthening South Asia, Impacting the World. The summit encompassed the strategic issues under the four themes: New Geopolitical Reality, New Social System, New Ecological System and New Technological System.


Rigger House has been executing this event ever since its inception and has been bearing the responsibility of curating the complete production of this esteemed event whilst maintaining the global format of the summit.

  • Under the tutelage of the Davos Team, the entire planning and production were carried out with respect to the high-quality standards the Global event has set for itself across the World.
  • The venue’s six rooms were converted for multiple sessions and as a breakaway, the main plenary room was transformed into a circular set up in a time gap of twenty minutes.

The details used throughout the venue were scrutinized by the entire team to leave no stone unturned for a successful summit.

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